About Us

Continental Caviar is a family owned and operated company located in Franklin, Tennessee.

It all started after the Iranian Hostage Crises in 1981 when Laban DeFriese and his wife Joann started making caviar on a small scale for the first several years while perfecting a secret processing method culled from renowned Russian and Iranian techniques.

Mr. DeFriese states, “A fish is a fish and there is no reason to think that a Tennessee fish is any different than a Russian or Iranian fish.  Once we found out that we had practically the same fish, the sturgeon, it was a matter of learning how to process it. We believe that our American caviar rivals the caviar of Russia and Iran.”

New York writer Susan Friedland says that Continental Caviar is “far and away the best North American Caviar I’ve ever tasted.”

Our mission is to continue to offer the most nutritional products available in the United States and around the world. We look forward to serving you our award winning products.

Laban and Joann DeFriese

Our Process

Our network of harvesting stations constantly replenishes our caviar supply. Incoming caviar is tested to meet Continental’s high standards for taste, size, color, shape and salt content. The condition of your caviar is carefully controlled. Your order is individually inspected and carefully packed immediately prior to your shipping.


Continental Caviar is a member of The Paddlefish Alliance which coordinates stocking/harvesting of paddlefish for meat and caviar from ponds and lakes as well as developing legislation for sustainable growth of the paddlefish industry.